Direct to Garment Printing

•Faster turnaround time

•Better quality

•No set-up fees

•Local business discounts

What we Offer

Personal Use

While our main focus is centered around helping local business, we are always happy to fulfill personal orders as well! Whether it be for a personal engagement or party or you simply have a fun shirt idea you want printed, we will get the job done and get your shirts done right.

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In everything we do, our top priority is helping local businesses proudly display their brand. Whether that be through team shirts, car decals or even promotional banners, we'll work with you to ensure you can show your business off the way that works best for you.

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Whether it be a business function, a party of some sort, a family gathering or any other event, we can print bulk shirt orders that will bring everyone together! If you have an idea in mind let us know, or we can even suggest ideas to you for your event shirts.

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Our Process

Quick Turn Arounds

While unforseen obstacles can always come up, we generally have a fast turnaround thanks to our Direct to Garment Printer.

No Set Up Fees

Because we have been able to find a cost-efficient method of printing, there is no cost for businesses or individuals to set up an order with us.

Consistent Quality

Using a Direct to Garment Printer eliminates most opportunities for human error, which allows for a much more consistent result.

No Minimum

Our goals revolve around helping others, especially local businesses, and we are happy to take any order, regardless of the quantity ordered.


Because our methods are efficient financially, we are able to offer lower prices that are more affordable for our customers, especially local businesses.

Local Business Discounts

We aim to take care of our local business community, and one of the biggest ways we do so is through the discounts we offer to local businesses.

What We Do

About Me

Hi, my name is Amanda, and I am the owner of Honey Harvest Designs. Honey Harvest started as a pipe dream of a small Etsy shop for specialized groups of people close to my heart such as nurses, flight attendants, and moms. As I candidly shared my ideas with the owner of BC Hive, the small pipe dream quickly turned into the exceptionally large vision of what Honey Harvest is today and what it will be in the future.

Our goal is to offer printing services to our community at affordable prices. We have quickly expanded our services to meet the needs of the business community, offering printing services that include business cards, window decals, banners, t-shirts, hats, bags and more. Whether we are printing paper products that help a local business grow or printing shirts and bags to celebrate a life event, we love working on custom designs as it makes us feel like we are part of our community’s stories.

Partnered with BC Hive

Partnered with BC Hive

We are proud to be partnered with BC Hive, and to donate 50% of all profits directly to them in order to help support the amazing work they’re doing in helping our local economy grow and thrive. We also give significant discounts to small and medium sized local businesses in support of BC Hive’s mission.

Our Work

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